Agriculture & Viticulture

Since 2002 we work in close cooperation with numerous states, public authorities and institutions on the development of special GIS applications for the areas of agriculture and viticulture. The GDV-MapBuilder forms the basis of these applications.  We used this platform to develop specific solutions, all of which had some common features, however: ease of use, great performance and security in relation to planning for the future. An overview of our services in this environment is available here as a PDF download (bilingual).

The expertise and experience that we gained during this cooperation can, of course, also be used for your project. Simply get in touch with us to find out more! We always look forward to new challenges.

Agriculture - IACS project funding
GIS specialist application for LPIS quality assurance

Agriculture - IACS project funding
GIS specialist application for project funding management

Agriculture - project funding for agri-environment schemes
GIS specialist application for the Hesse Integrated Agri-Environment Programme (HIAP)

Viticulture - Acreage management/Vineyard land register
GIS specialist application for vineyard management - WeinFIS