Since 2005 the European Regulation (EC) 1593/2000 has been stipulating the implementation of an "Integrated Administration and Control System" (IACS) by its member states, which allows agricultural plots of land to be clearly identified with the help of GIS technologies as well as enabling the corresponding EC funding amounts to be calculated.


Development of an easy-to-use and powerful GIS application for recording and managing IACS funding. A GIS application for supplying land usage certificates for farmers was also to be integrated.


The Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Hesse chose the  GDV-MapBuilder as the underlying technology for the GIS application that was to be developed for recording and administering IACS funding.

In addition to a solution for submitting funding applications, programmes for performing onsite checks or administering the central reference system (physical block or land parcel identification system) were also to be provided. Integration into the existing IT infrastructures is completed using different interfaces to data sources (e.g. XML, WMS, Informix, PostgreSQL, UMN MapServer, Oracle, ArcGIS Server), which can be combined flexibly. The programme is a JAVA application, which ensures it can be used in Windows environments while providing support for Linux. 

Thanks to this solution, the State of Hesse was the first state in 2005 to implement all requirements for providing land usage certificates in an easy-to-use and powerful GIS application. 

The solution also managed to establish itself in this regard, as the GDV MapBuilder is now being used as the base technology for GIS applications in IACS-agrarian projects in Saarland, Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Bremen. 

The introduction of GIS applications in relation to agricultural funding not only reduces the amount of work that is required to a significant extent. It also produces a considerable environmental effect: the State of Hesse has reduced its annual paper requirements by around 3 tons when compared with the procedures used in the past.  

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