Development of a browser-based GIS solution for the Chamber of Agriculture in Rhineland-Palatinate in relation to an extension of the EU Vineyard Register to include GIS functions.


WeinFIS is another specialist GIS application that was developed on the basis of GDV-MapBuilder. It was integrated seamlessly into the existing alphanumeric Vineyard Register, which in turn is part of a superordinate administrative application. The Vineyard Register itself is a client-server application. The relational database system used in the backend is the Enterprise Edition of Oracle. The client application is based on Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. The classic 3-layer model for client-server applications was used when designing the WeinFIS architecture. Thanks to the utilisation of Java2 technology, we were able to create a powerful, platform-independent system. The data access options the GDV-MapBuilder were optimised especially for database access. 

Thanks to WeinFIS, employees of the Chamber of Agriculture can now, for the first time ever, enter incoming notifications from winegrowers (e.g. grape harvest information) into the Vineyard Register in an area-specific manner with the help of GIS data. 

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