Geodata and GeoSoftware (including Geographic Information Systems = GIS) are being used on an increasing basis in many companies nowadays. And although the GDV solutions are ideal for beginners thanks to their excellent user-friendliness, providing your employees with additional training and qualifications on an ongoing basis is not only worthwhile, but also essential over the long term.

Our training courses not only show you how to use the solutions. We can provide you with knowledge from any area and align the content with specific requirements.  This could be the basics of GIS and geodata, or more in-depth seminars covering the respective software packages, which include both propriety and Open Source software. With GDV you get targeted know-how from both worlds that you will be able to utilise directly. 

We provide independent software knowledge without any ideological blinders – our only obligation is to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your project. We align the content of our hands-on seminars with your specific needs, in order to ensure you can implement our solutions successfully within your company!  

Our trainers are experienced GIS specialists with many years of project and training experience who "speak your language" and understand what’s really important when using the solutions on a daily basis. And it goes without saying, of course, that you will have time to ask your own questions and deal with your own requirements during the training sessions.

Why not take a look at our range of courses, you’re sure to find a seminar and date that matches your requirements. And once you have found what you are looking for, booking couldn’t be easier!

If you can’t find an offer that matches your needs, simply give us a call!
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