In order to ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria and thus u.a. To avoid double funding, the EU calls for a random annual on-the-spot review of applicants, so-called 'on-the-spot checks'. Employees from the authorities of the EU Member States carry out a comparison between application data and real area data. The control procedure prescribed for this purpose by the Joint Research Center of the European Union (JRC) also requires a specialist examination in addition to a geometric examination of the eligible areas.


On the spot checks with OTSC-Reporter

With the OTSC-Reporter, all operating and property data can be entered in a software-supported area and compared with the application data. After completing the on-the-spot check, the specialized application can directly generate a complete test report for the applicant. Through the use of OTSC-Reporter an independent determination of the parcel size and the plant cover is possible even without field inspection, for example by means of highly up-to-date aerial photographs or satellite photos.

The overall process of on-the-spot control is depicted:

  • Data export from application system (perennial)
  • Carrying out the on-the spot check
  • Area Control Protocol (GIS)
  • Test reports (form part)
  • Report generation and printouts for applicants


OTSC-Reporter is a Java-based desktop application that contains components that have been successfully used in applications for InVeKoS on-site control for years. OTSC reporter is developed on the basis of GDV-MapBuilder. This is a Java-GIS-API for the simple development of platform independent applications. OTSC reporter supports file-based data sources (e.g., ESRI shape), Web services, and database connections. Integration into database-based workflows is possible without any problems.


For further information on ETS-Reporter feel free to contact Ms Anke Trittenbach (trittenbach at or Dr Sven Schrader (schrader at