According to Regulation (EU) No. 146/2010 of 23 February 2010 of the European Commission, member states have to check the quality of the system used for identifying agricultural parcels (LPIS) every year and document the results. In order to achieve this goal an Executable Test Suite (ETS) shall be used. The Joint Research Centre of the European Union (JRC) defines the specifications for the workflow and the input and output data-structures to be used for the LPIS quality-checks.

LPIS quality assurance with ETS-Reporter

ETS-Reporter is an easy-to-use, stand-alone software application that covers the process of the LPIS data quality measures (Executable Test Suite) required from the JRC (Joint Research Centre of the European Union). The application is developed since 2009 in close communication with the JRC.  With ETS-Reporter, you can fulfil all specifications of the European Union in relation to LPIS Quality Assessment (LPIS QA). You can create all required evaluations and reports simply with the push of a button. Furthermore, to the ETS report, the software also includes the MTS Reporting Package, which enables output of the XML documents in accordance with the JRC-XML schema definitions. In addition to its well-known suitability for daily use, ETS-reporter stands out above all due to the fact that it is very easy to understand and use, and it complies precisely with the latest EU reporting specifications. In a two-day user workshop included in our service package, we introduce you annually changes and new features to the ETS- and MTS-test announced by the JRC. Be part of the user community and participate with your ideas in the further development of ETS-Reporter! 

ETS-Reporter is currently in use in:

  • Hesse
  • Saarland
  • Lower Saxony
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • Saxony
  • Thuringia
  • Bavaria
  • Baden-Württemberg
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Denmark
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria

ETS-Reporter covers the following tasks

  • Display of the reference parcels in the sample, together with their attributes and the raster data required for checking
  • Editing of geometry and attribute data in accordance with the required ETS-Checks and ETS-Workflows
  • Instant computation of the Reference Parcel statistics
  • Computation of statistical indicators to rate the reference system (Assessment Report)
  • All statistics and the Assessment Report are displayed and updated continuously by the application
  • Generation of reports and XML-files in accordance with the JRC-Specifications
  • ETS-Reporter can be used in multiple Reference Parcel-systems and can be integrated in multiple LPIS-applications


ETS-Reporter is a Java-based desktop client, which uses well-proven components from applications in relation to IACS "On the Spot"-Checks (OTS). ETS-Reporter is based on GDV-MapBuilder, a JAVA-GIS-API for easy development of platform-independent applications on the client side as well on the server side. On the basis of OpenJDK, ETS-Reporter can be integrated easily into your IT environment without fearing additional license fees. 
ETS-Reporter supports file-based data sources (e.g. ESRI-Shape), as well as web services and database connections (e.g. Oracle and PostgreSQL) in which the LPIS data also can be stored and processed.

What does the ETS-Reporter package include?

You purchase a one-off starter package, which contains the basic license of the standard software ETS-Reporter. With this basic license, the standard software of ETS-Reporter can be used in the area of responsibility of your country to any number of workplaces for LPIS Quality Assessment.  You receive the current software version including all functions required by the JRC. Furthermore, you benefit from our user support, who will help you and your staff in all technical and professional questions about your LPIS competently and friendly by phone or e-mail.
Moreover, the ETS-Reporter package includes free participation for up to two representatives per agency at our annual user workshop, to introduce scheduled changes to the ETS- and MTS-test announced by the JRC, to provide solutions and to put this at a basis for discussion. This workshop will offer you the opportunity to incorporate your ideas into the development process of ETS-Reporter and to exchange information with each other in a constantly growing and very likeable user community.

In the following years after the first year, you can purchase an annual update package. Besides the license for further usage of ETS-Reporter, it includes the starter package as well as the software delivery of ETS-Reporter, containing all annual adaptions of the software according to JRC specifications. 
We would be glad to make you an attractive complete offer for a starter package and the associated annual update packages over a period of several years. Just contact us!

The typical course of the year with ETS-Reporter

  • Spring: participation of the GDV in the LPIS Workshop
  • Summer: review and incorporation of the official guidelines of the JRC and DGAGRI in ETS-Reporter
  • September: two-day workshop for our customers of ETS-Reporter
  • October: delivery of the newest version of ETS-Reporter
  • November: participation of the GDV in MARS conference
  • End of December/ beginning of January: second delivery of ETS-Reporter with current schema definitions of the JRC for the export of results.

The advantages at a glance

  • up-to-date software: relevant compliance with all EU specifications and continuous communication with the JRC 
  • easy-to-use, tried-and-tested, modular and platform-independent
  • includes MTS Reporting Package with output of all XML documents in accordance with the JRC-XML schema definitions
  • fully automatic plausibility checks with traffic light system
  • generation of reports and XML/GML files based on JRC schema specifications
  • professional user support (phone and e-mail support)
  • annual exchange of experiences with the user community as part of a two-day event

Contact information

For further information on ETS-Reporter feel free to contact Ms Anke Trittenbach (trittenbach at or Dr. Sven Schrader (schrader at We would be glad to visit you and convince you in a live demonstration of the performance and the advantages of ETS Reporter!