In the course of the application for payments under the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), all applicants must submit an electronic single application. EU law requires that, from 2018, this IACS single application must be geo-based by 100%. For this purpose, all cultivated areas must be geographically accurately recorded using GIS functionality. The use of online functions and an advance check (pre-check phase) are mandatory. In addition, the new funding period (CAP 2020+) and mandatory monitoring will require an increased use of web technologies for data exchange and communication with the applicant.
In order to implement these requirements, and especially with regard to the upcoming new funding period (2020 +), a flexible technology is required that enables rapid adjustments and at the same time is performant, secure and scalable.

Geo-based online application for agricultural subsidies with GSAAcore

GSAAcore is the result of our many years of experience in the IACS-GIS area and is developed by us on the basis of the most up-to-date and therefore the most secure web technologies. GSAAcore provides elements, tools, and functions, which can be used for the development of IACS specialized software in the application process. The default software comprises form elements for the inspection and editing of application data. Furthermore, it contains a map-based geo component for the visualization and convenient editing of application geometries, which are usually only provided in desktop applications. All elements provide interfaces to assure the general functioning for specific requirements of various EU paying agencies.

The possibility of individually developing general plausibility checks, as well as geometrical and factual validity checks, form a particularly main focus.

GSAAcore provides the following basic components for your web-solutions in terms of geo-based application:

  • Components for logging in with interfaces for connection to an authentication
  • Form components for viewing and editing the single application
  • Table- and form-based view of attribute data of application geometries including preview map
  • Map-based geo components for a comfortable handling of application geometries with the help of IACS-specific tools
  • Rule-based checks in both form and map section, as well as across the board
  • Integrated professional validation according to JRC specifications
  • Dynamic rule-based display of forms and form elements
  • Komponenten zur Anmeldung mit Schnittstellen zur Anbindung an eine Authentifizierung
  • Formularkomponenten zur Ansicht und Bearbeitung des Sammelantrags 
  • Tabellen- und Formular-basierte Ansicht der Attributdaten von Antragsgeometrien inklusive Vorschaukarte
  • Kartenbasierte Geokomponenten zur komfortablen Bearbeitung von Antragsgeometrien mit Hilfe von InVeKoS-spezifischen Werkzeugen
  • Regelbasierte Prüfungen sowohl im Formular- und Kartenteil, als auch übergreifend
  • Integrierte fachliche Gültigkeitsprüfungen gemäß den Vorgaben des JRC
  • Dynamische regelbasierte Anzeige der Formulare und der Formularelemente 

Technical core elements

GSAAcore is a web-based software solution regarding multi-layer structure, based on the Java API GDV-MapBuilder. The system can be integrated and connected via interfaces into almost any existing environment and consequently use the existing infrastructure. The support of LINUX and Windows servers is possible through the JAVA-based platform-independent multi-tier architecture.
In addition to the Open Source database PostgreSQL, GSAAcore supports Oracle, MS SQL Server, SAP HANA and Informix. 

Safety first

  • GSAAcore integrates with your environment and adapts to your security needs
  • Main focus is on security and data protection
  • Secure handling with SSL-encrypted data transmission
  • The use of modern and established authentication mechanisms
  • Usage of mechanisms against cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection

GSAAcore...and more

  • All requirements of the pre-check phase and late reports can be implemented with GSAAcore.
  • Applications based on GSAAcore can be easily and quickly upgraded to a data / information hub (e.g., geotagged photos, messaging, integration of remote sensing services, etc.) with applicants
  • Therefore, with GSAAcore you are “ready for monitoring”

Your advantages

  • For geometry editing and geometry validation, proven GDV-MapBuilder components from more than 15 years of geo-based application experience are used
  • Proven and reliable IACS tools and algorithms
  • The external configurability of presentation, editing, relationships, and validation for all forms and tables ensures the fastest possible and flexible adaptation to changed specifications by non-programmers
  • GSAAcore is platform independent, secure and arbitrarily scalable
  • Due to its responsive design, GSAAcore can be used on any end device, including smartphones and tablet computers

Based on the existing components and the external configurability, a tailor-made solution can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Professional adjustments and new requirements can be integrated so easily. Get to know GSAAcore through our online demo application. Benefit from the advantages of a test installation in your environment and convince yourself of the efficiency and performance of GSAAcore.

Why work with us?

  • Years of experience, latest technology, proven components from the provider who developed the first IACS online application for agricultural subsidies in  Europe (2005)
  • IACS professional know-how: we speak your language and know your needs
  • With the help of the demo application and a trial installation/test configuration in your house you have a head start and can convince yourself of the functionality and the performance at an early stage
  • The test installation in your environment offers the vivid opportunity, with the involvement of all decision-makers and stakeholders, to optimally shape the development of tailor-made applications together
  • GSAAcore's flexible customization options and high configurability make it a fast and secure way to your customized solution

Contact information

For further information on GSAAcore feel free to contact Ms Anke Trittenbach (trittenbach at or Dr. Sven Schrader (schrader at We are pleased to arrange an appointment with you for a presentation and to talk about your individual requirements. Just give us a call!