In accordance with an EC guideline from 1997, the German Postal Act stipulates the following in Section 11 (1):
"Universal services refer to the minimum postal services which, pursuant to Section 4 (1), must be available nationwide with a certain level of quality and for a reasonable price." This sentence also makes a spatial component of the term ‘universal service’ very clear: "minimum service quality" also refers to the "quality characteristics of the reception and delivery network" (letterboxes and stationary facilities = branches and agencies). Details on the universal service and nationwide provision can be found in the Postal Universal Service Ordinance (PUDLV). For example, in communities with more than 4000 residents, it must generally be ensured that a stationary facility is located within 2000 m for customers living in contiguous built-up areas.


  • Development and implementation of a database model for a basic post office database for all postal service providers in Germany with license and disclosure requirements pursuant to the German Postal Act.
  • Implementation of an easy-to-use application for entering and maintaining the basic data of the postal service providers with an integrated geo-component for performing accessibility analyses on post service centers and letterboxes.


The specialist application FuRo Plus was developed especially for Department 3 of the Federal Network Agency. This department is responsible for entering and maintaining the data of all postal service providers in Germany who are subject to disclosure requirements. 

The client was developed on the basis of the GDV- MapBuilder, a Java GIS API, and the routing engine, which was implemented as an application server. MS SQL Server was used as the database system.  

In addition to company data, the system also contains geodata, which is used by the routing engine to calculate the reachability analyses. The underlying system utilises a pre-processed node-edge model, which is based on national ATKIS data (Authoritative Topographic-Cartographic Information System) as well as the corresponding address data with house coordinates. Numerous database triggers ensure the data of the service providers remains consistent after the regular imports are completed via a specific interface.  

The map components of FuRo Plus utilise the geodata and map services of the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy to display the analysis results as a background map. 

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