Navigation data for maritime shipping complies with the ENC standard of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). ENC stands for Electronic Navigational Chart. The ENC fundamentals are laid down in the IHO publications S-52 Colour & Symbol Specifications for ECDIS as well as S57 Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data.


Development and installation of WMS servers for the provision of standardised map services based on navigation data for maritime shipping and inland waterway transportation.


MapServer-LogoThe WebGIS solution was in part developed for inland waterway transportation within the scope of a project of the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute in cooperation with the Service Centre for Information Technology (DLZ-IT) in Ilmenau. In addition to this, general maritime shipping navigation data was implemented in the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany (BSH) in Hamburg. 

MapServer was to be used as the web-mapping server for both solutions. This had to be extended, however, to include a number of functions for handling the special requirements of maritime shipping charts.  An additional component for the automatic import and provision of navigation data via the map service was also developed. 

The solution for the BAW was implemented in a Linux environment, whereas the BSH specified a Windows environment. 

Both systems have been fully integrated into the geodata infrastructures of the respective water management systems and can be accessed by employees throughout Germany. What’s more, the IENC map service can also be accessed freely via the Internet (see below).

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