"Embedded GIS" and "Spatial Intelligence" 

Utilise your database as the basis for your geo-applications! By integrating selected GIS components, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities for using geodata in an optimised manner.

There are many good reasons for using database technology within modern geodata infrastructures:

  • Relational database systems can efficiently manage large quantities of data.  
  • One of their benefits, in comparison to file-based databases, is that they include mechanisms for providing synchronous data access, even when this data is being processed, while retaining consistency and persistency.
  • They also include possibilities for data backups, replication and scaling of the database system.  

We have many years of expertise in Geodatabases which are database systems that support spatial data types (geodata) including their processing. These are among the proprietary systems especially Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA.

We have also been utilising appropriate products from the Open Source world for a long time now, in line with our company philosophy, such as the powerful PostgreSQL/PostGIS solutions. No matter what your needs - data visualisation, queries, collection, processing or analyses - we can develop tailor-made GIS/mapping applications for you, which support the possibilities provided by modern geo-databases. Simply get in touch with us to find out more!