Provide larger employee groups with access to GIS functions within your company network. Or let millions of users access your map material via the Internet. With the WebGIS solutions from GDV you can utilise and deploy your geodata and services via the Internet and/or  intranet from any location for a comparatively low price! 

Rely on the experience and expertise of GDV when setting up your information platform or implementing a central geodata server!

  • Design and realisation
  • System implementation
  • Employee training
  • GDV- GeoHosting - complete external IT infrastructure with hard and software for your WebGIS/mapping applications
  • GDV system maintenance service - the "carefree package" for ensuring your system remains up-to-date and online

We can design and develop systems for you for displaying, querying, distributing and processing geodata via an intranet and/or the Internet. In addition to the development of appropriate client and server applications, this includes interfaces to existing applications (e.g. Desktop GIS) and the development and implementation of appropriate data management concepts. 

To achieve this we utilise Open Source developments (UMN MapServer, GeoServer, GDV-MapServer Client, MapBender ) as well as powerful proprietary products (Oracle MapViewer, ESRI ArcIMS,  Autodesk MapGuide).

With the GDV-WebGIS Studio, we have developed an easy-to-use tool for publishing map services based on the UMN MapServer and PostgreSQL/PostGIS. 

A particularly noteworthy tool from the proprietary area is the powerful Oracle MapViewer, a web mapping server that is controlled and configured via the database. Together with the client component Oracle Maps and the application framework APEX (Application Express), it can be used to develop low cost and easy-to-use applications for handling spatial data. The close relationship between the web mapping server and the database also provides additional benefits when integrating geo-databases into business processes. We can develop applications for Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Reporting, which can be integrated seamlessly within Oracle technologies and perform extremely well, even when dealing with larger quantities of data.