Workshop of the EU Commission in Milan

The Austrian paying agency and the GDV present GSA-Reporter


The European Commission organized a workshop on October 23rd - 24th with the topic "Implementation of IACS and IACS quality assessment in the CAP 2023-2027". The technical workshop focused on the quality checks of three basic components of the integrated administration and control system: LPIS (Land Parcel Identification System), GSA (Geo-Spatial Application) and AMS (Area Monitoring System).

Together with Mr. Bernhard Eder from Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA), the GDV presented on the topic “First experience with prototype for GSA quality assessment in Austria”. In his presentation Mr. Eder reported on the experiences in the Austrian Paying Agency with GSA QA. Afterwards, Joachim Müller presented the latest version of GSA-Reporter. During the test phase of this version, already Austrian data was used and the range of functions was expanded with a focus on practical use. In the upcoming pilot phase, the GSA-Reporter will now be used in Austria for GSA-QA. We look forward to further close cooperation and productive exchange in optimizing the application. GSA Reporter can be purchased EU-wide in spring 2024 as a product including maintenance and support package.